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Our Mission

The world is filled with many people that care about health and wellness. By focusing on exercise, nutrition, and wellness, we hope that Foxery encourages users to share what they do to be healthy, while also learning what other people are doing to optimize their health and performance metrics.

We believe that gathering insights from friends, coaches, influencers, athletes and other health enthusiasts, will promote a continuous search for each individuals best approach to living a healthy life. Sharing expertise and insights from ones own health practices generates a comfortable setting to share everything one does to be healthy.

In the process, users should realize that they are helping to create the ultimate knowledge economy involving exercise, nutrition and wellness.

What Makes Us Different

Foxery was founded out of a personal desire and an apparent vacancy in the market. Many social platforms and media outlets had previously done a great job at allowing people to share family photos, memes, political comments, and disappearing videos, but all of those programs were focused on quantity, not quality of information. Even though you might find someone sharing a picture doing yoga or a juice they just consumed, we wanted to comprehensively understand what makes someone perform and achieve their healthy lifestyles.

As opposed to a magazine generally telling me about a particular exercise, diet or mode of recovery, we wanted to see what our peers were doing. We wanted to see what people do to be healthy, by highlighting the entire perspective on their weekly exercise habits, nutrition practices, and wellness protocols.

With preexisting platforms, many users feel uncomfortable sharing too much about their health practices; Foxery is fixing that by creating a platform where everything will revolve around exercise, nutrition, and wellness.