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A Peer to Peer Health Sharing Platform

Building a health sharing community

Welcome to the Health Revolution

Our Goal

Foxery was made to encourage, educate and inspire people on their journey toward a healthier life.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Foxery only for instructors, coaches, and elite athletes?

No, Foxery encourages users at all stages of health and fitness to use this app to interact with other health enthusiast and investigate new approaches to optimal living

Can I access my Foxery account online?

Right now Foxery is only operating in the App Store on iOS enabled devices, but we are working on building a web platform

How much does Foxery cost to download?

Foxery is free to download and operate

How can I add a video to my Foxery profile??

Right now, you cannot add a video directly within the Foxery app; however, we encourage you to create a Vimeo or YouTube account and share the link to your video

How do I get a job at Foxery?

We are always looking for talented people to help grow our team. Please send your resume and cover letter to: jobs@foxeryinc.com

I found a bug or glitch in the software, how do I get help with this?

Foxery aims to provide the best experience and interface for all of our users. Please let us know where you see a bug or glitch by sending any complaints or questions to: help@foxeryinc.com